Monday, October 3, 2011

Preparing for Halloween

Maybe late September, early October most people start thinking about Halloween. This year we started planning Halloween on the last day of school, June 9th.

My youngest son brought home a one month old pumpkin plant that he planted at school. We then proceeded to plant the little pumpkin plant in the small herb/tomato garden in the front yard.

To be perfectly honest, we forgot about the little pumpkin plant because we were more focused on the tomatoes. We had a beautifully raining spring season that helped water it for us. One day we went to look at where the pumpkin vine was growing to, and saw a large green pumpkin. At that point we put a plate under it to keep it dry and off of the rocks below. We watched and checked on it everyday, watched it turn a brilliant orange. Just tonight we decided it was time to pick it so that it has time time to cure before carving night.

Watch our homemade video of him picking his first home grown pumpkin. Next year we are planning on planting a few more plants to try our luck again.

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